Your Shower Design


Liberty Glass provides truly frameless shower designs that incorporate heavy tempered glass, the industry’s best hardware and superior bonding methods to create a frameless shower enclosure that will last a lifetime.  Beauty. Function. Value.

Why Choose Frameless?

Besides the luxurious appearance, frameless shower enclosures use minimal hardware, offer countless customization options, eliminate hiding spots for mold and reduce the number of holes required to be drilled into your tile.  As an added bonus, frameless shower doors can swing inward and outward.  You are not limited to any standard heights and there are over 25 hardware finishes to choose from.  For comparison, the typical builder grade semi-frameless shower enclosure has a metal frame that will corrode, rubber seals that will shrink and trap mold, limited standard heights, limited hardware finishes and rely on filler metal to account for out of squares and mis-measurements.

Why Choose Frameless Showers by Liberty Glass?

Simple, our experienced, knowledgeable and talented team is the best. We have well over 50 years combined experience and have built our reputation on excellence. Our team is focused on delivering the highest level of quality on every project. We are family owned and operated, our installers are all employees and we do not hire subcontractors. Each frameless shower is custom made for your tiled opening. Our precise measurements and glass fabrication can make a bad tile job look fantastic by cutting the glass out of square to maintain equal glass reveals. Got a hump or a dip in your wall?  We will “point cut” the glass to follow the wall equally. Your satisfaction is our promise on every shower design project.


Bottom line, we design your shower to wisely use the space that it occupies in your home. It’s our expertise. Our planning includes how your shower will function overall and this becomes the foundation for your design. The placement of your shower doors, the direction of their swing, sizing and other considerations must be factored in for the perfect shower.  Additional hardware options like adding towel bars or robe hooks can add function and optimize space.

Fun Choices.

No matter how good we are at what we do, it wouldn’t be any fun if you didn’t get to customize the look of your shower to fit your tastes. So you can. There are a wide variety of handle options to choose and if clear glass is not your thing we have several glass options too ranging from Satin to Rain to Low-Iron / Ultra-Clear and many in between.

More Options


Any frameless shower upgrade or addition is a great long-term investment. It makes perfect sense to protect that investment. We offer two of the best protectant options that offer the best protection and performance for your shower glass. These protectants keep your glass cleaner ongoing, make it easier to clean, and protect it for years to come. Both products prevent hard water, soap scum and minerals from permanently adhering to the glass. If left unchecked, these will actually etch the surface of unprotected glass.